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Reviews So Far

Reviews So Far

Here’s a few of the lovely things people have been saying about The Other Times of Caroline Tangent:

“This original time travel narrative was likeable, fun and engaging [and] completely page turning.” – JUDGES FOR THE 2022 SELFIES BOOK AWARDS

“Immensely enjoyed The Other Times of Caroline Tangent. What a journey!! Highly recommended.” – KHURRUM RAHMAN, AUTHOR OF ‘THE JAY QASIM SERIES’

“A terrific novel, wonderfully plotted, paced and realised… A hugely enjoyable second novel from a very accomplished writer, this is a wonderful holiday read which deserves a wide audience.” – TARN RICHARDSON, AUTHOR OF ‘THE DARKEST HAND’ TRILOGY

“My favourite book of the year so far.” – NIAMH BURNETT, INSTAGRAM BOOK REVIEWER

“A captivating read. It makes you think about what lengths you would go to change past events in your life.” – LUCY MITCHELL, AUTHOR OF ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN’

“Wainewright has this wonderful talent of pulling you in and not letting you go, surrounding you with music, with settings that he builds in your mind, and with characters who are completely realistic, and relatable. He writes a real story, provides enough detail without bogging the reader down, makes you dream, and leaves you wanting more (in a good way). I thoroughly loved this book!” JADE ANNA HUGHES, BOOK REVIEWER

“This is a fun book to read. It takes you back to some epic rockconcerts (including Woodstock, but, so many others as well). I really enjoyed reading it! It’s great for music lovers, but at the same time also for people who love timetraveling!” CHERYL SOKOLOFF NOVACK, INSTAGRAM BOOK REVIEW

“This reminded me a lot of ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ and ‘About Time’. The book was expertly crafted and I will recommend it to family, friends, patrons and strangers reading on mass transit… I am going to ask every music fan I know what concert they would have liked to have gone to and then segue way it into telling them to read this book!” – GOODREADS REVIEW

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And one of LoveReading’s Indie Books We Love: “An enchanting, nostalgic tale of music, friendships, betrayal and determination. Highly recommended!”