Corrections and Clarifications!
Corrections and Clarifications!

Corrections and Clarifications!

When I wrote The Other Times of Caroline Tangent, I hoped there would be some music buffs who would find the book interesting. As such, I tried very hard to get all my musical references, songs, gigs et al correct (and I think I got most right!) – but I knew there was going to be some I got wrong. So, since publication, I’ve been very happy whenever readers get in touch to tell me I have made an error!

So for all you music buffs, geeks, pedants (nothing wrong with pedantry in this instance 😉) and anyone who likes the facts to be correct, I thought I would include these corrections here. I don’t think there are any spoilers if you haven’t read the book yet…

  • Bruce Springsteen concert: I had Vini Lopez on drums in the book, when it should have been Max Weinberg. [Cudos to Jim Cargill for pointing out that one]
  • When Caroline is in 1984, I reference her listening to Springsteen’s Born to Run, and it should have been Born in the USA. [Thanks, again, to Jim, and also David Andrews]
  • A non-musical but possibly more significant error was that I refer to ICE, the current immigration enforcement branch in the US. But, and I need to tread carefully here to avoid any spoilers, ICE was formed after the incident I refer to in the book, and it would have actually been USCIS at that time. [Jade Anna Hughes updated me on that]
  • One of my characters, Nancy is from Ohio, but one passage says she’s going home to her family in Virginia… oops! [Credit to Kimberlie for seeing this]
  • The Beatles trip: Caroline says George Martin encouraged the fab four to wear suits, when it was of course Brian Epstein. [Thank you to Judith Wain for reminding me]

If you have read the novel and spotted any inaccuracies then do feel free to let me know via my Contact Page.

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