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Buy The Kosher Delhi and Support Prisoners of Conscience

Buy The Kosher Delhi and Support Prisoners of Conscience


Thank you for visiting this page. I am running a campaign with Prisoners of Conscience (PoC), a charity which helps individuals who have been persecuted for their conscientiously-held beliefs, provided that they have not used or advocated violence.

If you buy a copy of The Kosher Delhi from this page, I will be donating £2 from every purchase to the charity. And as a PoC supporter, you can also get a £1 discount off the cover price, so you’ll only pay £7.99.

What is the novel about?

What might we do for the love of another person or the pursuit of a dream?

It’s the early 1990s. Vik is a twenty year old English boy of Jewish/Indian mixed heritage. While yearning to become a chef, his experiences of racism in restaurant kitchens hold him back. Until he meets Yvonne: Scottish activist, hedonist, who strives vehemently for social justice.

As they travel together from Leeds to London to New York, Vik is increasingly exposed to further bigotry and discrimination, with more violent and fatal outcomes. And as Yvonne ventures into the music scene, their relationship becomes increasingly strained. When Vik reaches a point where he can’t ignore his issues any further, will he stand up for what he believes in?

For fans of Nick Hornby, David Nicholls, William Boyd, this vibrant and unforgettable ‘coming-of-awareness’ novel reminds us why PoC’s values are so important.

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