Experimental AI-Narrated Short Story
Experimental AI-Narrated Short Story

Experimental AI-Narrated Short Story

Many readers have kindly asked if there is an audiobook version of The Other Times of Caroline Tangent – and unfortunately, as of today, the answer is still ‘No’ – sorry!

However, I have now produced a free, experimental audio version of my short story, The Godfather of Soul, set in the world of Caroline Tangent. It tells of a trip that Caroline and Jon take to see James Brown in Boston in April 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated…

The reason I have called it ‘experimental’ is because it is narrated by an AI voice, created using ElevenLabs. It’s still not quite as good as a real human voice – there’s the odd bit here or there where the emphasis or the cadence is slightly wrong – but it’s pretty impressive IMO.

You can download it for free (and optionally sign-up to my occasional newsletter), and listen to a sample below. And if you have any thoughts on the quality of the voice, I’d love to hear from you. You can listen to it in the BookFunnel app, or directly in your browser, or you can download an MP3 and play it in your listening app of choice.

One last thing to say: You can listen to it before you read the full novel if you like, but there are a few minor spoliers; better to read it afterwards if you can do! And there are a few concepts which the novel explains in more depth than this story.

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