What have you done today to help sell another copy of your book?

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What have you done today to help sell another copy of your book?

I used to be a software salesman, and on one occasion I visited one of the UK’s main political parties to demo our system. When I was there, I noticed a small notice above my contact’s desk which said “What have you done today to help us win the next general election?”

I think that as indie authors, we could use that conviction. What can we do every day to help sell another copy(s) of your book?

It could be something simple: sending a tweet, posting a photo on Instagram, responding to a Group post on Facebook, making a quick change to your website to improve it. Or you could be planning a series of blog posts, writing a blog, editing one, publishing it. Plan an AMS or Facebook marketing campaign, tweak an existing ad, analyse your stats. Write a list of who you should talk to about your book, add someone to that list, email someone, visit a local bookshop. Research similar authors. Even just reading your marketing plan to see what else you can do to add to it. And so on and so on.

There are so many quick, simple (and not so quick or simple!) things you can do. If you want a few more specific ideas, the following are good resources:

So, what have you done today…?

NB If you want to take a copy of my ‘header image’ and print it out for yourself, please do so. Just click on the image and it will open a far larger version. I have used a commercially usable photo from Pixabay. Or, of course, design one yourself!

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