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Fictional Restaurants I Would Like to Eat in

One of the themes in The Kosher Delhi is food, and the restaurants which Vik works in. All fictional, of course. Which got me thinking: which fictional restaurants would I like to eat in if only I could do so?!

Here’s my selection. What others would you add?

  1. Milliways in The Restaurant at The End of the Universe: a five star restaurant situated at the end of time and matter? Why would you not want to go?!
  2. La Ratatouille: it’s the kitchen I was thinking of a lot when I was writing The Kosher Delhi.
  3. JJ’s Diner in Parks and Recreation: breakfast food all day…
  4. Jack Rabbit Slims in Pulp Fiction. How cool?
  5. Soul Food Cafe from The Blues Brothers: for the music and atmosphere – Aretha Franklin singing! I’d stay all day.
  6. Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Wayne’s World: for the jukebox and clientèle.
  7. The Whistle Stop Cafe in Fried Green Tomatoes
  8. Nat Dayan’s bakery in Dough (with the special ingredient of course…)

And a few additional bars/coffee houses:

  1. Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca: for Bogie, Bergman, La Marseillaise – Play it, Sam.
  2. The Cat’s Pajamas in Marie-Helene Bertino’s The Cat’s Pajamas at 2 A.M.: for the jazz
  3. Any of the jazz bars in Rafi Zabor’s The Bear Comes Home: man, they would be cool (but smoky)
  4. Ten Forward on TNG Enterprise: with Data, Guinan, Picard, Deanna Troi…
  5. Cafe Nervosa in Frasier

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