Signing a Publishing Contract!
Signing a Publishing Contract!

Signing a Publishing Contract!

Last month, I signed my contract with RedDoor Publishing for them to publish my first novel, The Kosher Delhi in summer 2019. I am ridiculously excited!

I am starting this blog to record my journey as a new author, partly so that anyone interested in my novel can hear a bit about the book and how its publication process is progressing, and partly in the hope that it might interest and inspire other would-be writers. One of the reasons for that is because I suspect that I am very much the norm in terms of many aspiring authors: I have no background in writing or journalism, no contacts in the publishing sector, minimal social media presence and I was approaching agents for a long time with no success. So I am proof that you can still be published even with such a background.

I am therefore planning to blog about: the novel itself, why I wrote it, what I hope to get out of it; the journey of the book’s publication; what I found useful in the creative process (early readers, writing tools, my pseudo-mind mapping approach…); thoughts on a pen name; the importance and intricacy of the book cover; and how successful or otherwise any marketing I do turns out to be.

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For now, my thanks to Clare and the team at RedDoor – I can’t wait to see The Kosher Delhi sitting on shelves in bookshops!


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